“Chance Jugend” support the South African organization House of Hope.

Since the beginning of House of Hope the main purpose has been to give at least one meal every day to the many poor children in Kranshoek. Kranshoek is a fraction of Plettenberg Bay, populated by mainly colored and black persons, very poor, with very little or zero opportunities to work and to support themselves. All the persons of our organization are working only for charity purpose and without any salary.
All donations received by House of Hope are paid out exclusively for the benefit of all children we are assisting.


When we started our activity we assisted about 30 children, but rapidly the number of children has grown and today are already more than 300 children receiving one meal a day. This obviously is involving a growing financial strain and unfortunately, we are not receiving any help from the SA Government and the Plettenberg Bay Municipality.

The daily meals are prepared free from private persons, in one smaller kitchen, and thank to the different school timetable, we have been able till today to manage the increasing organizational and logistical problems. We are keeping a daily register with the name of children who are receiving the meal in order to control our help is given exclusively to the really poor children.
Last Christmas our special lunch was attended by 310 children. (in the 2009 there were 200).


The main project of our Association will always remain to support the most needy children with food and clothes.
Our program for the near future (obviously if our finances will permit to do so) is to:
– Buy a stand of land and build a prefabricated house, installing a proper kitchen and tables were the children are eating seated and eventually given other assistance. We wish to provide this prefabricated with logistical infrastructures (bathroom and shower) to give the opportunity also to the very poor , to receive the normal sanitary assistance.
– Build also a space for entertainment were the children can play and develop their creative sense, with drawings and small manual works, them something that can be useful in their future.