There is nothing good, unless you do it.

Erich Kästner puts it in a nutshell: There is nothing good, unless you do it. That is our mission statement, too. We want to make, move & change! Our commitment is not a matter of the white sheet, we like the concrete and work on our projects. The scope of our projects is large. At the top there are projects to help young people. But we also want to announce our ideas, our projects in public and attract supporters! Help is good. Join the team!

Integration sponsorships

Minor childs who left their homes and fled from hunger, war and persecution or natural disasters and reached us are disadvantaged and vulnerable to many threats. These young people need special support.


Donation for a bath of balls

Promotion of therapy courses at A-L-F e.V.

1. BI-LOG Charity Golfturnier CHANCE JUGEND CUP

Circus-pedagogical offers of Circus Giovanni

Chance Jugend founds mobile streetball location in Chemnitz, Germany

Project for urchins in Trivandrum, India/Bangalore

Junior Soccer Plettenberg Bay, Südafrika

Circus-pedagogical offers of Circus Giovanni

Ki.ku Bamberg Music Star

Ki.Ku Bamberg – Culture for children – kon:TAKT Music

Ki.Ku Bamberg – Culture for children – Music for young ears

Don Bosco School of Life in Kapstadt, Südafrika

In the Cape Town area there is a large group of disadvantaged people due to unemployment and poverty – despite the relative prosperity of the region. The number is increasing, last but not least because those who come to find work in Cape Town, but no. In the townships, the slums of Cape Town, the situation is worst. Young people suffer most from this hopelessness. Personality development and self-confidence of young people are negatively influenced. It comes to problems like the increase of alcohol and drug abuse, violence and crime.


Small Farms Development among women heads of households in rural townships in Manzini, Swaziland

The Salesians of Don Bosco have been present in Manzini, Swaziland since 1954. Their work was and continues to be focused on the needs of youth and their families. They run schools, residential homes for street children and orphans, educational programmes, income generating programmes as well as social outreach and community based programmes.


Chance Jugend Ferry

Chance Jugend supports House of Hope