Foundation Chance Jugend

This is the name of the 50. Don Bosco foundation, established on June 24th, 2003, by Heribert Trunk, an entrepreneur from Bamberg, Germany. The aim of this initiative is particularly the support of young people in preparing for their professional future and career.

Trunk pursues three basic goals with its foundation: Chances for the youth, chances created by the youth, and chances of the youth. Young people lacking basic orientation should be supported and guided to find their personal way of life. In addition to that, the foundation wants to demonstrate that young people are a chance for the older generation, as it is the only stable basis for a strong future society. Last but not least, the name wants to make young people aware of their chances and motivate them to make use of this. Chance Jugend provides help to help oneself by encouraging young people to make decisions and act proactively and on their own – a fact that is most important for the father of four children.

“Be merry, do good deeds and let the sparrows sing.”

Don Bosco, who died in Turin in 1988, became the guiding person for a community of today 30,000 people all over the world. This community strives like Don Bosco for supporting the youth actively, a topic still important today.