The “Chance Jugend” Foundation is a milestone in the history of BI-LOG Service Group GmbH, and particularly in the personal history of the founder Heribert Trunk.

Formation of BI-LOG Service Group GmbH

Thinking like an entrepreneur is an ability that Heribert Trunk, born in 1961, had already developed when he was young. His parents had a logistics and transportation company and as the only son, he soon was seen as the successor of his father. In this company, he learned a lot about leadership skills that he could later on apply in his job as CEO of a SME. Until 1989, he worked for German Parcel, a company that he was the co-founder of, and was responsible for establishing and optimizing logistic structures as well as supporting technical innovations.Claus Huttner and Heribert Trunk met at school and soon became friends. In 1989, they decided to found their own company: BI-LOG GmbH, since Juli 1st, 2008, BI-LOG Service Group GmbH.

The BI-LOG Service Group GmbH today

The BI-LOG group is with its 500 employees and an annual turnover of € 35.5 billion (2010) today one of the important drivers of economy in the region of upper Franconia. Heribert Trunk and Claus Huttner, both born in Bamberg, are highly convinced that this region can withstand the international competition by combining its various and strong forces.Being the honorable president and founder of “Marketing Club Oberfranken”, it is Trunk’s aim to bring together regional specialists in Marketing helping to make this regional potential more popular. He views himself as “lateral thinker and representative of the whole region”. In addition to that, Trunk is President of the franconian chamber of commerce as well as company representative in the committee “SchuleWirtschaft”. In each of these positions, he always tries to talk to people as he is convinced that “there is no idea that cannot be improved within a dialog

Responsible Entrepreneur

„Success is an obligation“, this is one of Trunk’s principles. He is active in several initiatives which he supports with his experience, to develop society but particularly to improve the life of the youth. Heribert Trunk co-implemented and organized the regional competition “Jugend forscht”. For a long time, therefore, BI-LOG has been sponsoring innovative thinking of the new generation.Even more important for Trunk is good and modern formation adapted to present and future needs, especially concerning future technologies and new media. One example that can be cited here is “FamilyNet”, an initiative he realized in 1999 that showed younger but also older people how to handle and live with the Internet. Furthermore, he created a new job called “businessman/-woman for dialogue marketing” and is engaged, among others, as company representative in the committee “SchuleWirtschaft” of upper Franconia.